About the Team

Who we are?

The team is composed by the members below. To see a brief overview, click their respective photos.

  • Heslley Machado Silva

    Proponent and Project Coordinator. Fortifier of the proposal intended to bridge the gap between other researchers and organize the group. Visit the countries investigated in order to conduct the interviews and apply the questionnaire, with the support of local researchers. It will be two months at the University of Minho in Portugal for analysis and discussion of the data from the questionnaire and interviews.

    Isabela Maria Silva Leão

    Participates actively in the analysis of the research data, especially on issues related to statistics. It is expected that it may eventually present some results in local and regional forums. It has worked in the writing of articles being produced from the results.

    Graça Simões de Carvalho

    From your experience in the design, implementation and analysis of the European questionnaire Biohead-CITIZEN, actively participate in all stages of research. It will also be the guiding Post-doctoral applicant.

    Elaine Nicolini Nabuco de Araujo

    Participates in the analysis of data, discussion of results and production of texts.