What is the place of human beings in the animal kingdom? How teachers conceive the human mind? The project intends to answer these questions in secondary education, in which biology teachers discuss thehuman's placeitsorigin and evolution, as well as discuss the physiology and anatomy of the human brain. It is believed that the teacher's vision can impact their students’ conceptionsregarding these questions and their religiosity. It is intended to use questions from theEuropean questionnaire, used in various continents, to portray the concepts of biology teachers. Questions about the origin of humans, God's role in this process and human's place in the evolutionary process and questions about the human mind will be analysed. Furthermore, interviews will be conducted seeking to validate and discuss the results of the questionnaire. The research subjects are the teachers of three Latin American countries with contrast between church and state: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.


Systemized branch of knowledge as a field of study or observation and classification of the facts relating to a particular group of phenomena and formulation of the general rules that govern them. Erudition, instruction, literature. Sum of the pratical knowledge that serves a determinated porpuse. Human knowledges that are considerated in it´s whole, following you nature and progress. Everything that you can reduce to rules and precepts.


Process in which, through a series of gradative alterations from a rough state, every living organism or group of organisms has acquired the morphological or physiological traits that distinguishes them. Fact or doctrine of the strain of all the living beings, from the simpliest, to the most comple


Service or cult to a God, or to any divinity, expressed by rites, prayers and observing what is considered a divine will. Conscient sentiment of dependancy or submission that links the human creature to the Creator. External or internal cult made to the divinity. Belief or religious doctrine; dogmathic and moral system. Worship to the sacred things; belief, devotion, faith, forgiveness. Practice of divine or revealed precepts.


Faculty of knowledge, intelligence, intellectual power of the spirit. Understanding, soul, spirit. Disposition to do something. Idea, resolution. Conception, imagination. Intention, aim, plan.


Science that studies the living being and their relation, with the intention to know their peculiar rules to the living matter.